When Clark County Nevada’s most prominent businessman is found dead near his home at the first light of dawn, the evidence suggests suicide. Sheriff Conor Armenta however, cannot shake the gut feeling that he has missed an important clue. His probe sends him through a maze of intrigue. Indiscretions of elite families, extortion, and romance lead him to discover a hidden moonshine still and the introduction of organized crime into his county. Being severely wounded in a showdown with a Thompson sub-machinegun in the raid that follows complicates Sheriff Armenta’s investigation and rapidly changes the world around him.

“Like a bracing wind of morning, The First Light of Dawn slaps you awake and widens your eyes– Jefferson Glass’ debut of the Conor Armenta mystery series is truly something to look forward to any time of day.”

Craig Johnson, New York Times bestselling author of the Longmire Series (For a more in depth review from Craig Johnson follow this LINK)

Jefferson Glass has penned an engaging first novel. The First Light of Dawn is Sheriff Conor Armenta’s debut, and beguiling one it is. Glass has a talent for crisp and well-rounded characters. When does the next Armenta novel release?”

W. Michael Gear, New York Times bestselling author of Dissolution

“The First Light of Dawn is an engaging period mystery set in 1930s Clark County, Nevada—before Las Vegas became Las Vegas—and filled with an interesting collection of colorful characters headed by Sheriff Conor Armenta.  The novel offers enough red herrings to intrigue mystery aficionados and enough plausible plot twists to keep the reader turning pages.”

Preston Lewis is the Spur Award-winning author of more than 40 western, juvenile and historical novels as well as numerous articles and short stories. He is best known for his comic westerns, including the well-received Memoirs of H.H. Lomax series

“There’s a new star on the horizon in contemporary Western mysteries and his name is Jefferson Glass. Glass’s Conor Armenta novel is an action-packed thriller with memorable characters that rival any of those featured in the works of Johnson, Box or Hillerman. Exceptional writing and unforgettable plot twists.”

Chris Enss, New York Times Bestselling Author and Director of the Will Rogers Medallion Awards

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